Is There Anything Good about Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men

Is There Anything Good about Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men By Roy F. Baumeister, Have men really been engaged in a centuries old conspiracy to exploit and oppress women Have the essential differences between men and women really been erased Have men now become unnecessary Are they good for anything at all In Is There Anything Good About Men , Roy Baumeister offers provocative answers to these and many other questions about the current state of manhHave men really been engaged in a centuries old conspiracy to exploit and oppress women Have the essential differences between men and women really been erased Have men now become unnecessary Are they good for anything at all In Is There Anything Good About Men , Roy Baumeister offers provocative answers to these and many other questions about the current state of manhood in America Baumeister argues that relations between men and women are now and have always been cooperative than antagonistic, that men and women are different in basic ways, and that successful cultures capitalize on these differences to outperform rival cultures Amongst our ancestors as with many other species only the alpha males were able to reproduce, leading them to take risks and to exhibit aggressive and protective behaviors than women, whose evolutionary strategies required a different set of behaviors Whereas women favor and excel at one to one intimate relationships, men compete with one another and build larger organizations and social networks from which culture grows But cultures in turn exploit men by insisting that their role is to achieve and produce, to provide for others, and if necessary to sacrifice themselves Baumeister shows that while men have greatly benefited from the culture they have created, they have also suffered because of it Men may dominate the upper echelons of business and politics, but far men than women die in work related accidents, are incarcerated, or are killed in battle facts nearly always left out of current gender debates Engagingly written, brilliantly argued, and based on evidence from a wide range of disciplines, Is There Anything Good About Men offers a new and far balanced view of gender relations.. Is There Anything Good about Men How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men Have men really been engaged in a centuries old conspiracy to exploit and oppress women Have the essential differences between men and women really been erased Have men now become unnecessary Are they

  • Title: Is There Anything Good about Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men
  • Author: Roy F. Baumeister
  • ISBN: 9780195374100
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The first half of this book was fascinating Overall, the book was well written, well organized, and well thought out I applaud the author for being willing to speak candidly about an opinion that is not considered politically correct And, at first I thought that his opinions were right on the mark.Then I kept reading and I became and conflicted As I read I was first impressed, then incredulous, and occasionally downright insulted I think the author honestly attempted to remain unbiased However [...]

    2. The title of Florida State psychologist Roy Baumeister s book speaks to how silly much of the rhetoric surrounding the gender debate has become Dare I suggest that both sexes are good We don t need our men to be like women, nor our women to be like men Both sexes need each other for who they are Someone had to write this book and I m glad that Baumeister had the audacity and tenure needed to do so To put it simply, this is hands down the best book on gender differences I ve ever read.Read the [...]

    3. It s sad that our culture has become so anti male that we seriously ask a question like, Is there anything good about men This book is about what purpose men have served in our culture, and the ways our culture exploits men As an answer to all of the various feminist complaints, it is insufficient What it does is builds a case for a perspective rarely seen in gender discussions evolutionary psychology It spends a lot of time discussing the way humans have evolved culture to band together for a c [...]

    4. Baumeister gives a standard economic argument to explain differences in outcomes e.g career success, incomes between men and women He attributes these differences, not to oppression as feminists would have us believe, but to differing levels of motivation Women, says Baumeister, are better at close, intimate relationships while men are better at developing broad networks of shallow relationships Men, for evolutionary reasons, strive to achieve greatness In our evolutionary pasts, only those men [...]

    5. I read this book because I thought the title was intriguing I thought it could have been a great book about how men are socialized to be exploited, or that American or Western Culture produces men that are expendable, and exploitable so that it can flourish I thought the book could have been great Instead the book is a 300 page argument with an imaginary feminist It was lazy The author even said so in the back of the book He said that if he was writing this book to be taken seriously he would ha [...]

    6. Although feminist ideas are mentioned from time to time in this book, I want to emphasize from the start that I am not debating any actual feminist scholars of the movement of feminist thought itself In fact, I strongly suspect there is not point in debating with feministsThat means that even if an outsider like me made the most brilliant, correct, and insightful point against some feminist claim, the feminists wouldn t listen or change their views one iota So why bother Well, he didn t technica [...]

    7. This book definitely makes you think about the reasons for inequalities between men and women as well as how men are used by our culture Baumeister does a great job of presenting alternative explanations for issues like the pay difference between men and women However, I feel like parts of the book could have been presented in much sensitive ways As a woman, I felt defensive in parts of the book and I think a lot people will be turned off by the way the information was presented.

    8. If it were possible to give a book 0 stars or even better, negative stars , I would This book is actual sexist, misogynistic garbage that I would not have so much as read past the first page if it had not been a required text for a class Among Baumeister s many claims are that only men can innovate because women are good for absolutely nothing besides reproducing, men should be rewarded for not sexually harassing women, men must produce something in a culture whereas a woman need only to take of [...]

    9. Baumeister makes a good case that the rhetoric of gender politics has become unmoored from reality and selectively blind to, among other things, the lives of men One quick proof of this is that despite participating in the workforce in close to equal numbers, over 90% of workplace deaths occur among men, the gender with the supposedly huge advantages in every sphere Clearly, things are not THAT simple He claims that men and women are biologically different in interesting ways mostly related to m [...]

    10. There is no way to present the ideas in this book without looking sexist People have lost careers saying these things They are extremely unpopular Does that make them untrue Some of the things written here do appear to be false, but this is not a work of science It s an essay I do wish this were written like a literature review and less like a pop sociology book, but it certainly did not leave me wanting for things to think about Things that I could be shunned for pondering aloud

    11. This book isn t horrible, but despite the author s insistence that he s not a misogynist and that he s not trying to paint men as victims, he kind of is and the book kind of does It s worth reading if you re interested in masculinity, but it s not exactly chock full of words to live by.

    12. I read this book because a favorite online magazine of mine was having a discussion of it After getting about halfway through, I simply had to give up Frankly, I m amazed at the high rating this book has.The author simply goes on and on and on about nothing in particular He makes some good points, but instead of moving on, dwells on these points, restating them, for several paragraphs As an editor, it makes me wonder if he had to reach a certain number of pages before being published.The author [...]

    13. This meninist bullshit would actually be kinda funny if it wasn t so depressing Does this book seriously want me to pity poor unfortunate exploited men who this book alleges are oppressed by the greater freedoms afforded to women in a modern society thanks to feminism Does this book genuinely want to try and convince me that it s not women or trans and non binary individuals for that matter who are suffering and oppressed by the way society views gender, but actually men Really REALLY Good fucki [...]

    14. It is clear this is heavily biased against women The author increasing insults women through out without any evidence whatsoever You hate women, we get it The idea that any sex is inherently lazy or not a hard worker is such bullshit I was thinking this book was about how a sexist society can actually hurt both women and men, but it was a bunch of whining.

    15. The first part of the book was pretty interesting, and challenges some commonly held beliefs between men and women That was for the first 100 pages After that, he takes the same points and beats the reader over the head with them over and over This isn t something I d recommend to a lot of people unless they are extremely interested in gender differences and warn to read a different opinion.

    16. I didn t read the book, but i found an essay written by the author on is book and i was impressed If you don t have the time to read all the 320 pages, just read the essay following the link denisdutton baumeister

    17. There is an instinctual reaction to all the men behavior vs female behavior, which is revulsion I recoiled at the idea put forward showing women as domesticated and non creative, no aspirations on a professional level There are many times I want to out down the book as I perceived it to be sexist and perhaps it is But, I look all around me and it is somewhat reflected But I can say that in my locale Singapore Women are provided with a backdrop of contributing to the family fiscally and there are [...]

    18. I found the first quarter of this book really insightful and entertaining, but after that the author begins to diminish the very real accomplishments and struggles that women have had This is an example of what turned me off about the book One dramatic and revealing contrast concerns giving birth What could be feminine than giving birth The birthing process has always been central to women s lives, and for the thousands of years when men and women had separate social spheres, giving birth was q [...]

    19. Although the title is a tat provocative and is mainly used as a sales driver , Baumeister makes excellent points in this book The general tendency in society nowadays is to single out and point to female under performance in certain areas Differences in salary and influential positions are a couple of the topics on which there is intense gender debate Men, in general, have higher salaries and occupy the prestigious job positions Baumeister points to data that shows that at the very bottom of so [...]

    20. I like it that Baumeister attributes the gender divide to i motivational i differences rather than biological ability differences He really makes a strong case that it is culture created by men that shape men s roles as expendable members of society The question of whether men only compete with themselves or they conspire to play down women according to some imaginary feminist is extremely interesting The book, however, gets too long and repetitive after the first half The author wastes all too [...]

    21. Has some interesting ideas, but fails to back them up with any substantial evidence It would have helped if citations were inserted in their appropriate places in the text rather than lumped together in the back, too Baumeister says outright that it s meant to be read like an essay, but this is rather bad considering that the book often becomes offensive with its assumptions.Overall, though, the idea of the sexes being different but complimentary in general is good It s nice to not see one side [...]

    22. I refer to Stacy s review, it reflects most of my objections Baumeister might have tried to remain unbiased, but he failed While reading, the book becomes and pro male, which is understable if you are talking about if there s anything good about men and how men have been exploited etc etc, but in the end this is of course just as boring as reading a biased book about how females have been oppressed and exploited It is a pity because Baumeister is capable of writing intelligent and well balance [...]

    23. The author offers an interesting perspective on gender roles and the evolving american culture His sociological background is nice though he can be a bit too objective at times The nature of the topic makes it difficult to have no bias one way or the other.

    24. I really enjoyed reading this book, and it was a lot elaborate in its arguments than the short essay I felt the book didn t stray far from common sense and research, but YMMV.

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