Class Clown

Class Clown By George Carlin, None. Class Clown None

  • Title: Class Clown
  • Author: George Carlin
  • ISBN: 9786306044238
  • Page: 231
  • Format: None
  • 1 thought on “Class Clown”

    1. haHAHAHA You ll love this book and explode with laughter every time you read it This boy is a Natural He is so funny and if you ll looking forward a good laugh, read it and you won t be disappointed.

    2. I was a class clown I can relate Seriously, George is one of the greats Standup humor generally isn t as effective in print George s humor is so universal and true to the human condition it works either way If you like laughing at how ridiculous the human race can be, George is for you.

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