The Difference a Day Makes

The Difference a Day Makes By Barbara Longley, Ryan Malloy has lost it all After his fianc e dies in a tragic accident, he enlists in the army, only to lose his best friend in a roadside bombing Wracked with guilt and grief, Ryan finds life unbearable until a job offer from his former commander gives him a glimmer of hope And in the tiny town of Perfect, Indiana, the man who thought he had nothing left to live for mRyan Malloy has lost it all After his fianc e dies in a tragic accident, he enlists in the army, only to lose his best friend in a roadside bombing Wracked with guilt and grief, Ryan finds life unbearable until a job offer from his former commander gives him a glimmer of hope And in the tiny town of Perfect, Indiana, the man who thought he had nothing left to live for meets the only woman who can tempt him into risking his battered heart one last timePaige Langford has it all wealth, beauty, and ambition Yet when her boyfriend s betrayal leads to the loss of her job and her reputation, she retreats to her brother s rural Indiana home to regroup There she meets Ryan Malloy, a gruff, hard drinking loner whose surly temper can t hide the haunted misery in his eyes He is everything Paige never wanted, yet he may be exactly what she needs if only they can overcome their personal demons to forge a love strong enough to save them both.. The Difference a Day Makes Ryan Malloy has lost it all After his fianc e dies in a tragic accident he enlists in the army only to lose his best friend in a roadside bombing Wracked with guilt and grief Ryan finds life unbear

  • Title: The Difference a Day Makes
  • Author: Barbara Longley
  • ISBN: 9781611099379
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The Difference a Day Makes makes all the right difference in the lives of the residents of Perfect, Indiana Author Barbara Longley introduced us to her Love from the Heartland series with Book One, Far From Perfect , in which we met Noah Langford and Ceejay Lovejoy Noah is a combat veteran who lost a leg during a military mission Ceejay is the woman who had a child by Noah s step brother who had abandoned her and stolen her money After working their way through many difficult emotional issues, N [...]

    2. I could not put this book down It is a lovely, heartwarming read It also gives you an insight to what some of our soldiers go through Brilliant

    3. Wow, this was even better than the first book in the series Everything was perfectly developed heh, Perfect g from the characters to pacing to conflict I loved how Paige was so direct with Ryan The story didn t rely on angsty miscommunication to build the conflict Barbara described Ryan s pain so effectively, I felt the torture he put himself through, and the way he worked through it was brilliantly handled I loved the H h together They were well matched The scene near the end you ll know exactl [...]

    4. Another book in a good seriesI gave this book five stars because it was sweet and funny, poignant and enjoyable I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good, light read.

    5. My MusingsThis is a great addition to this series I loved the characters from the hero and heroine to the delightful secondary I am so glad I found this series I can t wait to read the next one in this series.Happy reading

    6. Tired of the same old, same old romances Looking for something emotional and edgy, but not violent and full of villains Look no further than Barbara Longley s The Difference a Day Makes Ms Longley is adept at making a reader care deeply about characters who are, in fact, worthy of caring about Ryan Malloy has been piling blame on himself since the tragic day that took his fiance from his life forever He s full of relentless guilt and mental pain, but has a chance at pulling himself out of his su [...]

    7. I enjoyed the first book in this series Far from Perfect so jumped at the chance to read book 2 in the series Barbara Longley writes believable characters and you do find yourself rooting for them to find happiness As in the first book this is about people with issues from their pasts who need to find a way past these to find love In this book we meet Ryan a war veteran who has turned to drink to block out his memories and Paige who has been betrayed by her boyfriend and is desperate for her fat [...]

    8. Another good one for this new series Like the fact that each story centers around army veterans and their traumas and giving them hope and their own HEA Really enjoyed Paige and Ryan s story I liked that book two continued on with the whole Langford family story moving forward and expanding their circle with the addition of Ryan as well as continuing with CJ, Noah, babies, parents, aunt Jenny, Ted, etc I can t wait until the author writes Ted s story I really do like him a lot Looking forward to [...]

    9. This is wonderfully written book about Ryan s emotional journey after some tragic accidents in his life Great writing and characters well worth reading.

    10. The Difference a Day Makes by Barbara Longley is the second book in the Perfect, Indiana series published by Montlake Romance Book two follows Longley s heartwarming tale Far From Perfect, which was universally well received Perfect, Indiana is where you go when everything falls apart to regroup at least that is what Paige and Ryan do.Ryan is a traumatized veteran battling with survivor guilt after surviving a suicide bombing attack Life as he knows is gone and there seems nothing to live for un [...]

    11. Barbara Longley has cemented herself on my favorite author s list I loved Far From Perfect and had that feeling validated with this second story Ryan Malloy is an Army vet suffering from PTSD and a whole lot of guilt He is at the end of his rope when he receives a phone call from his former Lieutenant offering him a job at his fledgling heirloom furniture business This call literally saves his life and Ryan packs up and drives his beat up pickup truck to Perfect, Indiana.Paige Langford has cente [...]

    12. The Difference a Day Makes by Barbara Longley begins with Paige Langford losing her marketing job because of her boyfriend s betrayal Along with the loss of her job and income, she is coping with the duplicity of a so called lover She decides to visit her brother and sister in law, Noah and Cee Jay in Perfect, Indiana, near Evansville Her brother is a returning veteran who has conquered PTSD and has started a business with his brother in law creating and building furniture In the meantime, Noah [...]

    13. Paranormal romances will probably always be my favorite, but when I need a break from vampires and witches, I like a nice contemporary romance I really enjoyed Far from Perfect, the first book in the Love From the Heartland series because it was simply a sweet romance with some heat between two very, very stubborn people I enjoyed the hero of that novel, Noah, the wounded veteran This second novel follows Noah s sister, Paige, who s bummed out after losing her first job She shows up in Perfect, [...]

    14. Read my review at Booklist booklistonlineOn the night his drinking and playing Russian roulette would have turned deadly, army war veteran Ryan Malloy gets a phone call from his former lieutenant asking if he d like to come work for his American heritage furniture company in Perfect, Indiana Because he knows he s in a dangerous spiral, Ryan accepts Meanwhile, his lieutenant s sister, Paige Langford, is fired from her first job when her boyfriend at the firm sabotages her Licking her wounds, she [...]

    15. Paige and Ryan come together, two people who were not expecting to find love Ryan never thought he could have a permanent attachment to a woman, after the death of his wife He has lots of demons including a heavy dose of PTSD due to barely surviving the roadside bombing that killed his best friend Paige s career driven attitude makes her seem shallow and uninterested in a social life especially not after her latest lead to getting fired She is motivated, charming, and brilliant but na ve this wa [...]

    16. An excellent follow up novel to Far From Perfect I loved Ryan and Paige, and loved that former characters Ceejay and Noah were still prominently featured in it as well as Ted and even Aunt Jenny Ryan was a terrific character he was lost and had so much pain from his past that you just wanted to wrap your arms around him His nightly ritual in the beginning of the book was heartbreaking To think he had been doing this for nearly three years and still survived somehow was sad yet encouraging It sho [...]

    17. This town is aptly named, there is something about it that seems to give those that come there what they need Ryan couldn t have been messed up and Noah s call came to him at the right time It was nice to see Ryan come back to life in Perfect, the job and Paige seemed to be just what he needed The first time that Ryan and Paige met was so great and made for a memorable moment.It seemed like things worked for the couple because Paige was in Perfect to heal as well While her issues weren t as sev [...]

    18. This is the 2nd book in the Perfect, Indiana stories I am glad I was able to get a copy of this to read I enjoyed it, and enjoyed reading Paige and Ryan s story I am glad to see a storyline that has a little insight in a soldier s life after he gets out of service I love that Noah hires veterans to work in his business, and that he knows where to direct them for help they need He understands that it isn t easy for veterans to work for other employers who aren t familiar with what a soldier has e [...]

    19. 3.5 The Difference a Day Makes was a nice contemporary romance featuring a wounded warrior hero and his road back from the very edge of almost losing it all The writing is good, the story well developed, the steam level on the low side for what I normally read I d feel comfortable loaning this to my mom but overall I enjoyed it This is the second book in this series I ve read and both books are comparable in terms of quality and heat While I d read this another book in this series again if it we [...]

    20. A nice extension of the first one I like the spin with dealing with veterans although it s really hard to picture these tough military cowboy types as touchy feely as she portrays them I also wonder about the wisdom of how she portrays veterans as just needing the love of a good woman to get them through PTSD She doesn t really say that, but it s sort of a fluffy approach to something fairly serious However, it is after all a romance novel so it s just a fun read.

    21. AWESOME BOOK, AWESOME SERIESAfter reading Barbara Longley s first book in the Perfect, Indiana series, Far From Perfect, I immediately had to read this one Both are AWESOME, and I ll start the 3rd book in the series this evening I love the characters I love the business and that they only hire veterans The books are fast paced and heartwarming I laugh, and I cry for happy I ll be checking out her other books.

    22. The difference a day makesLoved the story and the characters I read the first book of the series and immediately ordered book two After writing this review I m going on line to order book three.

    23. Great romanceThis was a beautiful story about two broken people coming together I m a sucker for a happy ending, and this one didn t disappoint I ll be buying the next one I hope it s about Ted.

    24. Love and familyI recommend this book to anyone who enjoys family and romancee characters are real people ,they work play and respect each other as family should and the bonds between them amazing.

    25. The Difference A Day Makes by Barbara LongleyA story about Paige s life and her meeting Ryan who has been haunted by war Both had lost loves and were struggling A great read I highly recommend this book.

    26. This was better than the first bookbut then I might be prejudiced because I was introduced to the small town of Perfect, IN and the cast of characters in her first book of the series Both Ryan and Paige were very strong characters The healing power of love transformed them both.

    27. Awesome second book Romance Wounded warrior Friendship Small town It can t get better Barbara has done it again.

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