Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire By Regina Puckett, Jennifer and Jason pick up a pretty young lady heading in the same direction they are going Surely at some point their mothers told them never to talk to strangers or let one get in the car with them What happens next will be told around campfires for years to come as a cautionary tale.. Hearts on Fire Jennifer and Jason pick up a pretty young lady heading in the same direction they are going Surely at some point their mothers told them never to talk to strangers or let one get in the car with them

  • Title: Hearts on Fire
  • Author: Regina Puckett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Regina Puckett s Hearts on FireHearts on Fire is a gem of a novella Although fairly short, it is perfectly formed The story develops at a good pace and despite its length you get to know and care for the characters An attractive Santa who is a fireman in everyday life and the beautiful girl who is helping lay the table for the children over Christmas are well matched and likeable from the start They become close quickly through a series of extreme events I don t want to spoil the story and then [...]

    2. I enjoyed every moment I read Hearts on Fire by Regina Puckett whom can write a wonderful love story Jordan and Samuel meet in an odd way and from there things spiral towards an immediate love affair A smile sat on my face through a well written situation where one least expects someone to ask another person out on a date After Samuel saves Jordan from a terrible ordeal, and has one himself, he struggles to prove to Jordan that he sees her as who she is Though family tragedies from the past may [...]

    3. Is Santa handsome and young under that long white beard Two volunteers for the Inner City Children s Project think he might be as he presents gifts to the children Jordan tells Katie that it s not lucky to unmask Santa Maybe it s like a curse Santa Samuel is drawn to beautiful Jordan, but she is only interested in finishing college However, the flame burning in Samuel s heart will not go out Will he be able to ignite Jordan s heart This is a good love short story, but not one as surprising or s [...]

    4. This was a very nice read Any Santa I ve ever known didn t look like Samuel Jordan and her friend Katie are helping out at a place for kids and Katie spots Santa and thinks he s cute Jordan can t see why she can think that when you can t see his face under all that white hair Download the book and see what happens with Jordan and Samuel Nicely written, fun, romantic and quick TY for sharing Regina

    5. Hearts of Fire was a brilliant short romance I love Regina Puckett s stories and this one did not disappoint in any way It was a wonderful romance about a woman who meets a gorgeous young man dressed as Santa who turns out to be every thing that she s been trying to avoid However, love overcomes her reluctance and together they find happiness I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great afternoon read

    6. Personally, romance is not my cup of tea, however, in this riveting short story even those of us that scatter from light into the shadows of other genres can find lovable characters I was reserved at first, but the characters are so real you can t help but feel compassion Definitely a good read While there is romance there as the story unfolds I didn t feel overwhelmed with soft mushy feelings I wanted to repel All those that truly know me understand that s saying a lot for me.

    7. This was a fun story about a budding romance I thoroughly enjoyed it Just what I needed to make Valentine s Day even sweeter

    8. Originally reviewed on LauraofLurkingStrong language NoneDrugs NoneViolence NoneSexual content Mild, impliedI received a free copy of this book from the author in return for an unbiased review.Jordan, a young woman helping out at a Christmas party for children at the fire station, just can t keep her eyes off the Santa But really, a sexy woman eyeing up a man in a white beard Is she after a sugar daddy Then Santa looks over, the piercing eyes instantly stealing her.This was a fairly short novell [...]

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