The Imposter Bride: A Novel

The Imposter Bride: A Novel By Nancy Richler, The Imposter Bride by Nancy Richler is an unforgettable novel about a mysterious mail order bride in the wake of WWII, whose sudden decision ripples through time to deeply impact the daughter she never knewIn the wake of World War II, a young, enigmatic woman named Lily arrives in Montreal on her own, expecting to be married to a man she s never met But, upon seeing her aThe Imposter Bride by Nancy Richler is an unforgettable novel about a mysterious mail order bride in the wake of WWII, whose sudden decision ripples through time to deeply impact the daughter she never knewIn the wake of World War II, a young, enigmatic woman named Lily arrives in Montreal on her own, expecting to be married to a man she s never met But, upon seeing her at the train station, Sol Kramer turns her down Out of pity, his brother Nathan decides to marry her instead, and pity turns into a deep and doomed love It is immediately clear that Lily is not who she claims to be Her attempt to live out her life as Lily Azerov shatters when she disappears, leaving a new husband and a baby daughter with only a diary, a large uncut diamond and a need to find the truth Who is Lily and what happened to the young woman whose identity she stole Why has she left and where did she go It s up to the daughter Lily abandoned to find the answers to these questions, as she searches for the mother she may never find or truly know.. The Imposter Bride A Novel The Imposter Bride by Nancy Richler is an unforgettable novel about a mysterious mail order bride in the wake of WWII whose sudden decision ripples through time to deeply impact the daughter she neve

  • Title: The Imposter Bride: A Novel
  • Author: Nancy Richler
  • ISBN: 9781250010063
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is one of those books that makes me wonder what the publishing companies are really thinking I ve read many self published titles that are much, much better than this book, so what s the deal The main problem is that the book is so dull I kept hoping for it to pick up, for some of the pieces to click together, but it just droned on, as if the writer had to reach a particular word count None of the characters leave any kind of mark in the reader they are all superficially written and complet [...]

    2. I have to admit, I was quite surprised and a little disappointed at the amount of negative reviews of The Imposter Bride I have come across Incidentally, they all seemed to have one thing in common they almost unanimously agreed the book was too dull Is the cause of such dismissive feedback simply due to bad marketing Or is it due to a slow shift in what the average consumer now enjoys Regardless, I feel obliged to issue a warning in my review If you are interested in this book because for some [...]

    3. This book was very intriguing in the beginning With a very promising main plot line and several minor subplots that were equally interesting I see the story has been described several times already, so I won t I simply found it disappointing We are taken through Ruth s entire life feeling her emptiness and asking her questions Wondering what tormented Lily so muchwhy rocks arrived as birthday gifts And so forth There was a mystical uncut diamond and mysterious journals One empty It was insinuate [...]

    4. I think Nancy Richler wanted to write a good book The Impostor Bride dances around being good, but lacks rhythm and grace and so slouches awkwardly around the dance floor, making it awkward for everyone reading, but the effort at goodness is altogether too sincere to turn away The plot offers originality a war bride shows up in Canada, is scorned by her betrothed because he sees something amiss in her, she marries his brother, gives birth, abandons the child and runs away We learn over the cours [...]

    5. Intriguing premise, not well executed The book just dragged, I found myself skimming even though I am trying to read slower than usual to make my summer stack of books last longer The story could have been interesting, the dialogue did not feel realistic, especially when immigrants give long passages of speech in perfect, highly literate English, and most of the story was told thru the perspective of a very dull young girl.I did not find the characters fully realized, and telling me over and ov [...]

    6. This fine novel, set mostly in Montreal with segments from Poland and from Thunder Bay, is another on the short list for the 2012 Giller Prize in Canada Unlike the other three novels on the list, this is a quiet and textured exploration of family interaction less dramatic and expansive than Ru, or 419 or Inside The Imposter Bride is a reflective and introspective probing of the impact on a young woman of her mother s unexplained desertion shortly after her birth There is a quiet depth and sensit [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book and found the characters to be vividly written Lily comes to Canada from Palestine to be married but her groom sees her at the train station and rejects her His brother marries her and we learn that Lily Azerov is not who she claims to be, and soon after her daughter is born, she abandons her family This abandonment hangs over her daughter s life like a shroud.The story is told through different points of view and it s very deep and personal for everyone in it.I also found th [...]

    8. This book, in my mind, started out worthy of four stars but slowly lost them as I got further and further into the story The main problem I had with this book is that the central issue Ruth s curiosity about the reason her mother abandoned her as an infant is built up throughout the novel, but in the end the reason is not all that interesting In fact, Ruth s mother herself often says things like, I can t even tell you why I did that or I can t even tell you why I felt that way, I just did After [...]

    9. The Imposter Bride was shortlisted for the 2012 Scotiabank Giller Prize, Canada s most distinguished literary prize for the best Canadian novel or short story collection published in English I was thrilled, because I loved this book The Second World War is over and in a small room beside a banquet hall, mail order bride Lily Azerov sits on a couch with her new husband Nathan Kramer She has come to Montreal from Poland, via Palestine It was Nathan s brother, Sol, who was supposed to marry Lily So [...]

    10. This is another of the shortlisted books for this year s Giller Prize The bride in question is a Jewish woman who has fled Europe in WW2, and has eventually arrived in Montreal, to take part in an arranged marriage As soon as her betrothed lays eyes on her, he rejects her, to his everlasting regret, because his brother steps in and does what needs to be done But Lily Azerov is not who she claims to be, and soon after her daughter is born, she abandons her family This story is told from multiple [...]

    11. I read Nancy Richler s second book a long while ago, and I don t remember being impressed Years down the line, I remember virtually nothing about it When this came along on one of my lists of Globe Mail bestsellers, I was ready to give it a chance, but wasn t really expecting much I was wrong This is a huge leap forward from Your Mouth is So Lovely, and The Imposter Bride had me in its quiet palm.Note The rest of this review has been withheld due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can [...]

    12. This book has a promising beginning It is 1946, and Lily Azerov has come to Montreal to meet Sol Kramer for an arranged marriage they have never met Upon seeing her get off the train, Sol has a change of heart, but his brother Nathan likes what he sees, and steps up to takes Sol s place.Lily doesn t adjust well, in spite of Nathan s and even Sol s infatuation with her Sol regretted his actions almost immediately Lily is like someone haunted, and spends most of her time alone and closed away in h [...]

    13. I read this mostly because it was shortlisted for the Giller prize, and I try to make a habit of reading the five nominees before the winner is announced.There was so much I enjoyed about this book, but it somehow lacked the punch I would have expected from a prize finalist Perhaps it s just my own expectations, but it felt like I was reading a book from twenty years ago rather than a 21st century novel Perhaps it s just having somebody with the last name of Richler writing about the Jewish comm [...]

    14. Originally reviewed here The Imposter Bride is a very character driven book It begins in post war Montreal with the arrival of Lily Azerov, a refugee from Poland who has come to marry Sol Kramer When Lily disappears one day, deliberately abandoning her three month old daughter and husband, it causes a break in the family s psyche that comes to define that era of their lives and the decisions they make after.In many ways, The Imposter Bride is a novel about mothers and daughters Ruthie, the aband [...]

    15. This is the engrossing and highly readable story of Lily Azerov who has fled Eastern Europe after the turmoil and horror of the Second World War In Palestine, she makes arrangements to marry a Canadian Jew, Sol Kramer, who, on sight intimates the damage behind her calm demeanor Sol quickly and shamefully decides not to marry Lily, but his brother Nathan does Ida Krakauer and her teenaged daughter, Elka, show up at Nathan and Lily s wedding uninvited Ida has heard from her sister Sonya in Tel Avi [...]

    16. I m not sure what I expected when I picked this book up I guess I expected some sort of a variation on the tale of one woman tricking a man into marrying her in guise of someone else But, that s not what this story is at all Well, I guess it kind of is, but it s so much than that.While reading this book I felt profoundly sad Mostly because of the circumstances from which many of the characters came from WWII Many of them being refugees who were some from post traumatic stress disorder even thou [...]

    17. Have you ever picked up a book and almost felt like it was aliveI could tell the moment I picked up this book that it was full of emotion I had apprenhension about reading because I could feel the sadness pouring from this book It was one of those books that the mystery kept enticing you on right to the last minute I wasn t initally sure I loved this book until I came to the end and at the end I realized how captivating the story was and how much I loved reading it.

    18. This book left unanswered questions and had a very disappointing end The book just died The sad part is the story was weaved with hints of deeper motivation and hints of a much richer story but it was never developed There were so many unfinished story lines The book did a good job of holding my attention and wondering what would happen next but unfortunately none of the questions were ever answered For example, what ever happened to the teacher and his son Why did lily do what she did What did [...]

    19. Sorry, but there was not enough story to encourage me to continue reading to see what the big mystery was The POV time switches were very jarring and distracted from the reading experience I began to lose track of who was who and what time frame we were in Would have worked better from the daughter s POV and covered her early years by backtracking instead of all the endless daily happenings.

    20. In a nutshell this book is about what it was like in Europe after the Second World War especially for Jewish people I think it portrays this than anything There is mention in the book that Jewish survivors of the War walk around like ghosts and they stop and stare at a multitude of different people They are looking for their lost loved ones, and in most cases, sadly, they never find them This is a clear picture of what it was like for survivors of the Holocaust In order to escape Europe and to [...]

    21. This is a surprisingly complex novel whose central theme is identity and how it can be compromised by a variety of actions Lily Azerov is not actually Lily Azerov, but a Polish imposter who has assumed her identity in the chaos following WWII, with borders being redrawn, chaotic infrastructure, and the overwhelming grief experienced by Holocaust survivors grief not only at the loss of entire families, but survivor grief and guilt as well.Short listed for the Giller in 2012, I m not surprised thi [...]

    22. ATTENTION If you are in a bookclub, this is a book for you Perfect for a round table discussion.I just love when I go into a book, knowing nothing about it, and page after page I am drawn deeper and deeper into its awesomeness This book did just that I swallowed it hook, line and sinker.The title character is one of the most intriguing characters I have read in a long while No matter how much I learned about her, there was even that was left to the imagination Every time Richler gave her reader [...]

    23. This should have been a five star read The story was stellar During WWII a woman comes across a dead girl and steals her documents and becomes her She then goes to Canada to marry only to be left at the train station by her intended, Sol Sol s brother ends up marrying her She has a daughter, Ruth, and after 3 months goes out for milk and never comes home Most of the story is told via flashback of the woman who became Lily and the family she married into The present day chapters mostly concern Ru [...]

    24. I didn t exactly enjoy the book, although I also didn t hate the book either I just found it to be average read, with not a lot happening in it It was a character driven book, than a plot driven, but I found there wasn t a lot of character development in it Nor was there anything to catch my attention and want to keep reading I found it to be like all the other books out there with similar plots It felt like I ve read the story before, which made it easy to drift off while reading the book The [...]

    25. The title is deceptive because this isn t Lily s story, this is her daughter s story which is fine except the novel isn t much of an identity story either Character development was sluggish and inconsistent, the title character was rather disappointing and not nearly as developed nor unfortunately, as interesting as other characters were I left not entirely satisfied with character motivations, though I wonder if this was an intentional effect of the nature of the narrative.I didn t have a probl [...]

    26. 3.5 stars I liked the mystery surrounding the enigmatic Lily Azerov, immigrating to Canada as a bride to be from war torn Europe We soon know she is not the woman named on her papers, but who is she Much theorizing and discussion ensues on that subject after the woman leaves her husband and new baby girl without explanation The relationship of the family that remained behind was very unusual and special Underlying the narrative is the theme of how Jewish families were able to move forward after [...]

    27. Have you ever watched an award winning movie with great reviews and felt you were just not getting it This is how I felt while reading this Giller Award nominated book.I was anxious to read it because of all the praise, and felt I must apologize to everyone involved The story line looked so promising and I tried to like the book The characters seemed to have lead interesting lives, but they came across as flat, under developed and boring to me and I failed to develop any empathy for any of them. [...]

    28. Intense, inner focussed story of the expectations of a Montreal Jewish family of the unknown young and private woman who comes to be wed to their son and brother She has a past she is reticent She only wants to go forward with a hopeful future, and the family insists in trying to draw her back to a period time she has closed in her mind The conflict surrounding the Jewish couple draws an interesting picture of a segregated Jewish neighbourhood s expectations of all those who live within their co [...]

    29. This book is an example of why I only read female authors.Ms Richler weaves a complex story of female trauma in an engaging fashion Thank you for this work.

    30. While I do not regret reading The Imposter Bride, I feel as though I need to warn people about several disappointing aspects For one, I found about a fourth to a third of the novel to be utterly disinteresting I knew from reading the description that I was going to read a character based book, not a plot based one, but certain parts were ridiculous I suffered through pages of scenes only somewhat related to the plotline, or even the arcs of main characters Perhaps the problem was that I simply d [...]

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